Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Playlister ✯ November 2015

  1. Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay
  2. Higher Love - James Vincent McMorrow
  3. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
  4. Half The World Away - Oasis
  5. Life In Technicolour ii - Coldplay
  6. Depreston - Courtney Barnett
I feel like this playlister is a bit old-school. Half The World Away is a song by Oasis that is being used for the John Lewis Christmas advert this year. In the advert, I think it is an artist called Aurora singing it. Either way it is a great song, and definitely worth a listen.

Coldplay are releasing a new album! I have pre-ordered it, and on their Twitter they have previews of all the songs, so if you are interested you should probably look at their twitter. The single is great, and I was a little disappointed with the last album, but hopefully it is going to be good this one. 

I will be doing a Christmas playlister soon! It will be an updated version of last years.

Love, Lulu

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Autumn Music

These songs together are a collection of Autumn music.

Castle Street - Lewis Watson

Feel - Bombay Bicycle Club

See You Soon - Amber Run

Emmylou - First Aid Kit

Our Eyes - Lucy Rose

The Rain - Oh Wonder

Fall At Your Feet - Saint Raymond

Something Good - alt-j

Friday, 6 November 2015

October Favourites

I went away for two weeks in October to Mauritius, and while I was there I got lots of time to relax, and do things I don't usually have time for during term time, like reading and listening to music. I always take so many books with me on holiday as I read very quickly, and so I always find a few new books that I really like while I'm away.


Tamar by Mal Peet

This is now one of my favourite books ever, and unsurprisingly a historical novel (nearly all my favourite books are!). It is a beautifully written story about two English spies working among the Dutch resistance during the Second World War, with a surprising twist. The story switches between 1945 and 1995 as a descendant of one of the men discovers what secrets her grandfather kept hidden. I like this style of book as it means you go on a journey with the characters, and you are desperate to read on as you want to know more!

What Mal Peet does best is characters - you can clearly imagine each one in your head. At first it isn't clear as to which spy is the girl's grandfather, but as you find out, the truth is quite shocking. Some of the events in the story are based on true events, and I find it amazing reading about some of the things that happened just under 100 years ago. This book definitely gives an impression of just how difficult and scary life was for anyone during this period in history. I loved this book so much and it's easy to read.

Pride and Prejudice

This is the second time I have read this book, and I enjoyed so much more the second time round. Books like Pride and Prejudice often have a reputation for being very challenging to read and a bit boring, but I disagree! It is actually very funny, and not so very different to novels of today, except the English writing is more complex and very well-written.

Ultimately, this book shows the social conventions and happenings of the early 19th century. It follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her family, and her relationship with Mr Darcy. I never realised before that the title of the book symbolised these two characters - Darcy as Pride and Elizabeth as Prejudice. There are a lot of funny characters in this story. I especially find Lydia Bennet the most comical as she really ridiculous in the way she behaves and thinks! Although the first part of the book is not as exciting, I started to enjoy this very quickly, and seriously recommend this book to anyone!



Depop is this amazing app which is like Instagram but for selling clothes. I have had so many clothes that I either don't wear or are too small for me that I wanted to sell, but I don't really like eBay. This app is really easy to use and I really like how the format is similar to Instagram. I have also brought some things off here that I love, so this app is really useful if you have some clothes you want to sell.

Kiwi Fruit

Bit random, but kiwi has been a favourite this month. It's my favourite fruit now, and it goes really well with yoghurt if you want a healthy breakfast.


I haven't done a playlister in so long! I think the last one was in May. I really want to do more of these, so I am going to try and do once a month again like I used to,

Coldplay and Adele both have new albums coming up, which is exciting. I have been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 this month. They are a band that I never really liked before now, but a lot of their old music is really good.

This month's playlister:

  1. Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5
  2. I'll Never Forgot You - Birdy
  3. Lost - Kodaline
  4. Without You - Oh Wonder
  5. Just A Feeling - Maroon 5
  6. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
  7. On My Mind - Ellie Goulding
  8. Various Storms & Saints - Florence and the Machine
  9. Video Games - Lana Del Rey
  10. Love Will Set You Free - Kodaline
  11. Castle Street - Lewis Watson
  12. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
  13. Forgive and Forgot - The Kooks
  14. My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit
A lot of these songs are ones that I have mentioned before, and they are some of my all-time favourite songs.


As I was on holiday, I needed sunglasses. And finally I feel like I have a pair that actually suit me. Trust me, I have made some major fashion errors with my sunglasses in the past. My current ones are from Urban Outfitters, and I couldn't find them online, but these ones are similar. 

Hope you enjoyed my October favourites!

Love, Lulu

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

I absolutely loved this book. Although I think I am a bit late reading this, it is definitely one of my favourite books now. From the title I wouldn't have guessed what it was about at all, so it just proves that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover!

The book is about a seventeen year old girl called Cassandra who lives with her eccentric family in a castle ruin in the 1930s. (This is one of my favourite eras of history - The Great Gatsby was set only a few years before.) Her family consists of her older sister Rose, a girl who hates living in poverty and very pretty; her father, a man suffering from writer's block after his only great novel; her step-mother Topaz, a beautiful model who is very free-spirited; her brother Thomas and Stephen, the son of their old maid who lives with them.

Cassandra tells of her life living in the castle in the form of a journal. The Mortmains lead a life of mild poverty until they meet the Cottons - a family from America of a witty lady and two handsome sons. The story follows Cassandra and the family as the Cottons bring about many changes to their lives, including wealth, romance and culture.

The love triangle (or even square I think!) in the story is ever-changing, and has some plot twists along the way. This is a charming story, full of funny and sad moments alike, and every character is very clear to visualize. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels or history-related stories.

The film adaptation

They made a film out of it too, and having watched the trailer I really want to see the film!

Love, Lulu

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Honey and Chocolate Cookies

This is a recipe I created with my granny when we didn't have any golden syrup! They are really nice with milk chocolate chips, but I think they will go well with dark chocolate as well, as the honey and maple syrup makes the cookies quite sweet. Make sure you use set honey and maple syrup, otherwise it might not taste the same.

200g margarine/ butter softened
200g light brown sugar
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp set honey
2 tsp vanilla essence
300g self-raising flour

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Line two trays with baking parchment.

Cream together butter and sugar.

Mix the honey so it softens and then add maple syrup. Add this to the butter and sugar mixture.

Add the vanilla essence.

Add the flour  and chocolate chips slowly, and make sure you add in small amounts.

Roll the dough into small balls and put them spaced out on the tray. Make sure you flatten the balls a little bit otherwise your cookies may not cook into a typical cookie shape.

Cook for 11 minutes.

Love, Lulu

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Playlister ♡ July 2015

This month's playlist is more upbeat then usual. I have found so many new songs and artists, which is so exciting. One of my favourite things to do is once in a while browse Spotify, looking for new music. There is so much music out there, and Spotify is just brilliant because there a smaller artists and groups on there who are trying to get famous, and it really helps them become known.

Florence and the Machine absolutely made my July. Her new album is one of my favourite ever. It has a really good mixture of songs, some upbeat, some more slow. And her voice is stunning. I brought the deluxe edition because some of the best songs are bonus tracks! My top three would be Various Storms & Saints, Queen of Peace and Third Eye.

Saint Raymond is another really good artist who I found by chance. He has supported Haim and Gabrielle Aplin, and I just like all his songs.

Here is the playlist for July:

  1. What Went Down - Foals
  2. Our Eyes - Lucy Rose
  3. Latch - Disclosure and Sam Smith
  4. Time - Jungle
  5. Regret - Everything Everything
  6. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - Florence and the Machine
  7. Message in a Bottle - The Police
  8. I Want You - Saint Raymond
  9. Wild Heart - Saint Raymond
  10. Lean On - Saint Raymond
  11. Something Like Happiness - The Maccabees
  12. Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club
  13. Green Garden - Laura Mvula
  14. Where I Come From - Passion Pit
  15. Dazzle - Oh Wonder

Love, Lulu

Dulche de Leche Cupcakes

I had always wanted to make this cupcake flavour and I'm super glad I tried them as they were really nice! They are also really easy to make, as it is a classic cupcake mix with added caramel. I used Nestle Caramel, which you can buy from supermarkets I think.

The icing is also made using classic icing and added caramel.

Love, Lulu